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February 29th: The Leap

February 29th copy

Everything I have ever done in my life, every fear I have overcome, has started by being willing to make one giant leap of faith.

My marriage… having faith in our relationship and being willing to trust and commit.

My divorce… having faith in the future and being willing to accept that things change and I must move forward.

My life after both marriage and divorce… having faith that I was on the path that I was supposed to be on and though often fearful, that all would be revealed over time and I would understand.

I have learned by making these giant leaps into the unknown that I am stronger than I ever imagined and have an infinite number of experiences to share with others when they are fearful to make their own giant leap.

Life is forever changing. We never know what is coming. We must have faith and the strength to leap forward in faith as we travel on.

“Dear God, help me to be willing and ready to take a leap of faith when needed. Help me to trust that my strength will hold me and that all will be revealed in time.”