D.D. Wood started her writing career as a singer-songwriter for Walt Disney’s Hollywood Records, where her songs were used in various Disney films. She received rave reviews for her solo album Tuesdays are Forever, and her follow up album Songs for the Red King. She has played with numerous well-known musical acts such as: Chris Isaak, Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, Leon Russell and Rosanne Cash and her music can be found on Pandora Internet Radio, Spotify, Amazon and Itunes.
D.D. currently teaches 11th grade Honors English in the Compass Music and Arts Gifted program in Long Beach California, and is actively involved in mentoring students gifted in the arts. She has a Master’s degree in Education, and has achieved National Board Certification in Young Adult English. D.D. is also a Professor of Education for Concordia University’s MAED program.
D.D. began writing her first YA novel, The Year I Lost You, through a fellowship to the Vermont Writer’s Studio and has now completed her second novel, Punk Rock Princess, and is currently working on a collection of personal essays titled, Saturday Stories. After a long and difficult divorce she now finds happiness with her partner of fifteen years, Stephen Shaw.

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  1. You are an amazing woman. I am so glad I got to teach with you at Marshall. These daily devotionals are excellent! Love, Terry Spencer

  2. D.,
    I was an educator for 14 years. I taught at the community college back home(Developmental English) and 5th -8th grade ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies. I am certified in Texas and Georgia. See, we have something in common. Now, I am pursuing my life’s passion-helping women who are broken. I was one of those women. Great to connect with you!!!

  3. D.D., I’ve been appreciating your meditations so much. They are very touching and especially honest. As I have begun to go through separation and divorce, I am finding your writing to be helpful. When I read about your background, I was also inspired by the fact that you are a singer, too. Well, I am a passionate songwriter and I hope you continue your singing and writing. Thank you for sharing your words.

    • Thank you Judy. Songwriting, for me, is quite cathartic when it comes to working through the pain. I just recorded my second record, “Songs for the Red King” after the loss of my nephew and while struggling with a new relationship. To know that something beautiful can come out of a painful loss, helps me to move forward and trust in the bigger/higher plan. 🙂

      • D.D., that was a sweet comment you wrote on my blog, too. I relate to your words perfectly. Sometimes, I feel as like my life is a musical, because I am living all of my songs. So many of them were prophetic, too, even when written decades ago! I’m actually writing one now about how the noise in my life changed – “When Noise Turned to Music.” My last lines are: “Music inspired – noise was empty, when noise turned to music, it saved me.” I am so thankful for my music and glad you could see that from the pictures. You are absolutely right how a song is something beautiful that can result from loss and pain. I am so sorry for the loss of your nephew. I would love to hear your second record.

  4. I am in the process of filing for divorce and have found so much strength from reading your words. I especially liked the one about your friend who told you how you were going back to the well. I keep going back to the well and coming up with sand. It’s time to stop. Thanks for sharing your very difficult journey. Through your expression of pain and sadness shines the light of hope and growth and new life. I hope to join you on the other side of this horrible experience which is divorce.

    • Virginia… please know that my heart is with you. My divorce was such a painful experience. I never believed at the time that I would make it through to the other side emotionally and spiritually intact.
      But I have… and today… I have a life that better fits my needs. It was very difficult to let go… grow…. constantly work to move forward but you will get there… I promise you that… you will.
      I’m here for you. 🙂 D.

      • I am currently going through a divorce too and this website has given me hope that things will work out for me in the end. I didn’t want a divorce but my husband did, he cheated and now his mistress is pregnant. He left me and our three kids for her. Most days I am barely making it but I have to be strong for my babies. I gave up so much of myself in my marriage and realized that I lost me along the way. Its a hard pill to swallow when something as devastating as this hits you in the face.

      • Kae, I am so sorry. It is so very devastating. I gave up so much of myself in my marriage. I was always making sacrifices believing that if I just kept working at it… I would make him happy. Today… I am my true self… the one I gave up in my marriage…. and my life is better today than I could ever imagine… I know this is hard… I know right now it is all so immediate and so painful… I promise you it will get better. Try to keep the focus on you… and caring for your children and helping them through this transition. I’m here for you. D.

  5. I am not at that stage yet. I don’t know where I am. This all came to light 2 weeks ago, the day after our 12th Anniversary..Mother’s Day. But, you are very wise. I like your blog. I just am not sure I can read it yet. I’ll keep it or follow it but I may hide it in the back.

    • Two weeks is very fresh…. very new….. I’m so sorry you are going through this… hang in there and know that my words are here for you when you need them. D.

  6. D.D. So much of what you have written in your meditations have flown through me
    or over me the last year and 1/2. remembering and practicing these daily mantras vs. slipping into familiar patterns of regret, bitterness, anguish, or remorse. Every moment of continuing to stay positive is a moment of victory of getting back on path.

    • I’m so glad that my words are there for you. It is a long and difficult path but I’m here as proof that you will get to the other side. I was just speaking to my friend this morning about how my divorce provided the catalyst to change that created the amazing life I have today. I wouldn’t wish a divorce on anyone… it was one of the most painful and heart-wrenching experiences of my life but I value the lessons I learned and the person it helped me to grow into… D. 🙂

  7. I am not at the point of separation but I’m on the edge looking at it. I’ve tried al-anon and didn’t find a anything that gives me the courage and strength that I find when I read your blogs. Thank you for sharing your journey!

    • I am so glad that my words are helping you through… it is such a difficult place to be and my heart is with you…. I went to many different Al-Anon meetings before I found ones that felt like “home” and open AA meetings helped me to have compassion as well… do what is best for you…. it is a hard decision… a hard choice…. I’m here for you! D.

  8. I don’t know how to start with my situation. I am in the point that don’t know what to do. I feel painful and live in miserable since 2011. Could you help me, please?

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