November 21st: Reality

This morning as I was starting my day, I began to think of many of the things I was longing for: basically… people or events I hoped would one day enter my life and bring me joy and happiness.

But then… I stopped myself.

I believe it is fine to daydream or strive towards having things that I want but… I realized that I had been thinking about “the next big thing” or “the attention of someone I longed for” too much lately and that I was not living in the reality of the moment.

The reality of today?

I have a great life with many great people in it.

I have a life full of joy and happiness.

I have a life where I am loved and where I give love.

I was missing so many great moments by looking forward to what I may have someday instead of looking at what I did have today: a good life.

I am thankful today for being reminded to focus on reality and not fantasy.

Being grateful for what I have, staying in the moment and enjoying life… with my thoughts and my feet planted firmly in the day… is where my Higher Power wants me to be.

There is nothing wrong with longing for things in my future, hoping that I will one day receive what I so badly want… but if it is all I can think about, if it takes away from my day-to-day life, then I am losing time… missing out on everything and everyone good around me… while I pin my heart to a fantasy.

“Dear God, thank you for filling my life with joy and happiness. Thank you for surrounding me with beloved friends and family. Help me to be present in each day… aware and thankful of your gifts.”

5 thoughts on “November 21st: Reality

  1. Right ! I realized recently there is I much I have – every day.
    I actually smile when I get up in the morning .
    People care about you – you care about them
    I am understanding the rest will come …

  2. I’m not judging those typos! LOL I type WAY too fast for my own good! ๐Ÿ™‚ Isn’t it great when your perspective begins to change for the better? Such a spiritual relief! ๐Ÿ™‚ D.

  3. This post hits “bang!” This Time.
    My daydreaming and chatter has at times mimicked what you’re describing .
    I took stock in what is… A great life , no real worries , freedom, having love for people around me and receiving love from then. I am blessed that I have fallen in love twice in my life where it’s been more than answered back.
    Maybe it will happen again ๐Ÿ™‚ but I’m trying to stop believing it has to.

  4. It will… just keep doing your thing and and it will just pop up. I was walking the dogs around the block one day and met the person who became my significant other. He had been living eight houses away from me for over 15 years… go figure! ๐Ÿ™‚ D.

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