December 25th: Gratitude


Today I live in constant gratitude for the gifts my Higher Power bestows upon me.

I am thankful for my family, my home, my health… for my friends, my job, my creative endeavors.

I have learned that even in my darkest times… I have been able to find a balm to soothe my pain and despair by counting my many blessings.

We all experience loss in our lives but we still must look to find the good that surrounds us.

Gratitude reminds me that though I may not have everything I want in life, I have everything that I need for today.

I am blessed to live a life full of daily reminders that I have much to be grateful for.


“Dear God, thank you for the gifts you have given me. Help me to find gratitude even during times of pain and despair.”

One thought on “December 25th: Gratitude

  1. As this year comes to an end, my first thought is how grateful I am that my divorce is behind me – it became final in May of 2014. And I have been grateful to your wonderful website that was there for me all the time I was going through tough moments. You offered comfort and inspiration, dee dee. Thank you.

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