February 12th: Simple Things


Over the years it is the simple things, the small moments of joy, that keep me moving forward and my heart full of faith.

When I find myself saddened by loss… I remember these moments and find happiness in the thoughts…

A time when I sat and laughed with someone I loved…

A moment when I held my children while they slept snuggled warm within my arms…

Staring out across a lake and listening to the sound of the wind across the water…

These are the moments I hold dear in my heart.

It is when I am at my lowest that I can recall these simple things, these small moments of joy, these memories that I hold so dear in my heart and I find hope and faith and gratitude in what my Higher Power has given me and what my Higher Power will soon bring to me.

“Dear God, thank you for the simple things. For the memories of those I love, and all they have given to me.”

4 thoughts on “February 12th: Simple Things

  1. It certainly is the simple things.
    And I have to work on getting away from my internal dialogue making things complicated and so stressful.
    When my mind gets clogged with “chatter” and concerns I’m beginning to learn to stop and look around me.

  2. I’d even forgotten to notice the wonderful and simple things around me the past few years.

    There are still times of sadness or feeling alone , but then I need to remember to “look up” from what’s going on.

    There’s much solace in stopping and recognizing what’s right in front of one, in the present moment.

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