March 11th: Knowing What’s Best

March 12th- Knowing What's  Best

Knowing what is best for me is not always easy to admit.

Usually, the reason I don’t accept this moment of complete “knowing”  is because my heart is tied to a relationship.

I don’t want to speak up.

I don’t want to tell the person I love the truth.

But unfortunately… no matter how much I love someone…care for them… want them in my life… that doesn’t mean I can make the relationship work.

There are times I must concede that no matter how much I love a particular person… maybe this relationship does not truly benefit either of us.

Even now… it’s easy to write the words… but it isn’t easy to say.

There are people in my life that I don’t want to let go of… they fill a certain need, a longing, I yearn for their presence, and when I am with them… I feel great joy.

But once I have felt the bell of reality in my heart… the truth ringing out to me… I can no longer live in the fantasy.

I must admit that for one reason or another… something does not truly mesh.

Maybe it is timing.

Maybe it is core beliefs.


It isn’t easy to let go of something or someone that I truly love.

But… if inside my soul I feel that something is missing… I must let go… and admit that what is best may be to be on my own.


“Dear God, help me to move forward in faith. Help me to do the right thing and let go with love.”

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