March 16th: Drive and Stamina

March 16th-Drive

Today I was at a conference when the speaker began to lecture on drive and stamina.

He talked about how we so want the rewards of a goal yet we often don’t have the drive or stamina… gumption really… to be rejected numerous times before we get it.

His words stayed with me over the course of the day.

I thought of how many times I have been knocked down in life and how many times I’ve stood back up, brushed myself off, and tried again.

Life is full of set backs.

Life is full of rejection.

I cannot be easily deterred from my path just because someone tries to stand in my way.

It is my responsibility to be strong in my core, work hard for the goals I hope to achieve, and fight on with moral fortitude against the odds if necessary.

Today I choose to let my drive, my stamina, carry me towards my goal.


“Dear God, thank you for giving me the will and the drive to achieve my dreams. Help me to stay the course as I work towards my goal.”

2 thoughts on “March 16th: Drive and Stamina

  1. I love this! And I’m getting ready to start a new business.
    I have heard “no” so many times in work and my personal life. It’s one step closer to yes!
    Thank you

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