July 3rd: Doing the Footwork

Karekare Beach, New Zealand After grieving the loss of my marriage, and accepting that divorce was inevitable, I began the arduous task of spiritual footwork. I knew that if I chose to resign myself to my fate, and not look at my part in things, that nothing would really change in my life. I would be the same person and most likely end up gravitating to the same type of relationship. It was important for me to take a fearless moral inventory and have a willingness to change. My willingness appeared when I relinquished the illusion of control and accepted the idea that maybe my Higher Power was trying to get me out of my own way. That maybe… there was a better plan for me on the horizon if I would just let go and have faith. By allowing myself this attitude adjustment, and admitting that maybe my plan was not the best plan, things began to change in my favor almost immediately. It started with small moments of clarity and growth. And as my self-esteem returned, my willingness grew, and I became witness to my progress. My days became full of clarity and growth. Footwork is not easy. It is difficult to look at feelings, work through issues, admit wrongs, analyze character defects, but today… I am a stronger person because of my commitment to be willing, to have faith, and to work on cleaning up “my side of the street.” – “Dear God, help me to accept that my life is in progress. Help me to move forward with my spiritual footwork and have faith in your plan.”

3 thoughts on “July 3rd: Doing the Footwork

  1. For Gods kingdom to come my kingdom must die, I learn to let go of my ego thought and behavior and embrace the spiritual principals of living. Today I live in the now in the presence of God, we are blessed.

  2. Thank You for the reminders. I wanted to think, (That’s always, the start of my problems) that maybe I was doing something wrong, for years I said AA is working in all areas of my life except my marriage. I need to work the program better, harder, be more compassionate How do I change to make the marriage work. Then one day, I said, I can’t do this anymore – that was all, I asked for a Divorce, it’s not over, but I’m getting over it, One Day at a Time, through the grace of God, the Fellowship and 12 Steps.

    • Al-Anon helps Peter and there are a lot of members of AA in the Al-Anon program as well. Also… I like to listen to Father Tom share his story of recovery. He is a double-winner and has great humor when sharing his honesty. Here is the link to the youtube post of him sharing.

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