September 3rd: Being of Service

I found that to be of service to others helped me through my divorce.

When I was working with someone whose situation might be worse than my own, I could put my own problems in perspective.

If I could offer comfort to someone when I felt the need for comfort, it helped not only to soothe them… but to soothe me.

By giving of myself, I could let go of my own problems and step outside of a situation that might become disheartening.

By sharing my compassion with others, I was able to share in their experience instead of dwelling on my own.

In some cases, I had walked such a similar path to the person I was caring for, that I was able to offer my own experience, strength, and hope and help them through their own trying time.

Helping others… helps me.

“Dear God, help me to give freely to others. By bringing comfort to them, I bring comfort to myself.”

3 thoughts on “September 3rd: Being of Service

  1. I can’t agree more.
    I am grateful for my health in particular. My roommate isn’t as fortunate in that area, yet I admire her tenacity as an educator. She is a real hero.
    Living in an entirely new situation is teaching me to drop my “care taking” tendencies and go past that to being aware and helpful! It’s mutual appreciation and I hope to do more, and meet even more people who strive and push through! I am learning more about myself and also realizing how big the world is … I am so grateful for this opportunity to better understand others.

  2. This post really spoke to me and is truly how I’ve operated. Helping others always uplifts me. And yet, in some ways I feel that I am escaping from coping with my own problems when I do that. It’s become more of a challenge for me to reach out to help myself!

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