October 3rd: Time

When I was going through my divorce a friend said to me, “All you need is time. Time heals all pain.”

Besides thinking… at that moment… that this sentiment was totally cliche, I was also incensed that my friend thought that I would just be able to “hold” my pain until the passage of time “removed it.”

But then… time did pass.

And my friend was right.

Time removed my pain.

And since that day, I have shared my story with others.

I listen to their pain, I understand where they are at… because I have been there too.

And I say, “Once a friend told me something that seemed so cliche, so unacceptable, but it was the truth… and I’m about to share it with you.”

Time does have a way of putting life into perspective: putting pain and strife in their rightful place.

Time does move us through.

We may not always be ready to listen… to hear “All you need is time.”

But, time calms the worried mind and allows reason to see the truth of each trying situation.

“Dear God, help me to accept that the passage of time will bring me comfort from my pain.”

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