October 11th: Surrender

When a situation seems unbearable or unchangeable I find that it is best to practice acceptance.

During my divorce, there came a time when I realized that it was inevitable that there would no longer be a chance of reconciliation with my husband.

I knew then… that I had given my all, fought hard to save my marriage, but now was the time to accept and surrender.

My surrender did not imply failure.

My surrender was just that: accepting what I could not change and embracing the outcome that my Higher Power had chosen for me.

I could no longer protest it.

I could no longer fix it.

I could no longer fight it.

I needed to submit to it.

I knew that I would find peace, strength, and serenity once I stopped resisting and accepted my Higher Power’s spiritual path for me.

“Dear God, help me to see that nothing in your world is a mistake. That you have chosen my path and I have chosen to walk it.”

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