November 1st: Turning Points

There have been times in my life when a “turning point” was completely evident.

It was a decisive moment.

I could see clearly in a situation and I knew… that I was coming out the other side and that there would be a major change in my life.

Some of these turning points were filled with great happiness:

Falling in love my very first time.

The day my child was born.

Graduating from college.

Becoming a teacher.

Other turning points were filled with great sadness:

The loss of a dear family member.

A close friend choosing to no longer be a part of my day-to-day life.

The end of my marriage and my inevitable divorce.

But these turning points punctuated my life and reminded me how very “alive” I was and how very “alive” I wanted to be.

They were moments of extreme feelings, intensity that changed a plain day… a plain month… a plain year.. into an event of great magnitude.

Would I prefer positive turning points over negative ones?

Of course, who wouldn’t?

But even my most difficult turning points led to the most positive of spiritual outcomes in my life:

The loss of my dear family member…

Led me to teaching students too sick to go to school. It reminded me how precious life was and how I needed to be there for others and keep a strong positive attitude as I helped them to get well and move on in their own lives.

The absence of my close friend…

Reminded me that friendship is valuable… worth fighting for… but… that if someone chooses to walk away… you must freely let them go, pray for their happiness, and hope for new friendships to come your way.

The end of my marriage? My divorce…

Helped me to look at my flaws, my failures, and work towards righting them by making an amends to my ex-husband and by trying my best not to repeat any of my bad behaviors in future romantic relationships.

These turning points have brought me great joy, and great knowledge.

I have learned through experience, what life may bring, and how by taking the time to exam it, these turning points are lessons that will help me to live my best possible life.

“Dear God, help me to see your path even in the darkest night. Help me to see your plan even when I falter in my faith to believe.”

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