November 20th: Silence

I am not a quiet person and I did not grow up in a quiet family but I still relish the time when I can find silence in the middle of noisy chaos.

Silence can calm a restless mind and silence can also open it to solutions.

When I find myself becoming overwhelmed, I take the time to find a moment of solitude:

A walk in the Nature Center by my house on one of the quiet paths.

A silent moment in my car, parked on top of a hill, looking out over my city or…

A short weekend trip, away from day-to-day life, where I can rest peacefully by the lake and watch as nature unfolds.

These moments of silence, whether they last just a few minutes or a few days, like prayer, soothe my spirit and rejuvenate my heart.

When I find myself unable to make decisions…

When I find myself being at odds with those around me…

I must make time to step out of the frenzy of my daily world and make room for silent moments.

These moments are a gift that help me to once again find balance and God’s grace.

“Dear God, help me to find a moment of quiet respite when I am lost in the chaos of my world. Help me to see that I must make time to find peace… in nature and solitude.”

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