December 1st: Commitment


Often, when I think of the word commitment I think of marriage: two people making a decision to abide by a certain code, embrace love, and share a common goal through their relationship and hopefully, throughout their life time.

But commitment is not just about marriage, it is about most everything in life, and there are times when I must look at my own commitment to people, ideals, goals, direction and decide what codes I am willing to abide by, what emotions I am willing to embrace, what goal I am ready to pursue so that I can commit.

If I am committed to making a relationship work then what does that mean?

What am I willing to do to succeed with another person?

What am I unwilling to put up with? Deal with? Do I have limits when it comes to my love?

Am I able to put in the time this person will need to make them feel wanted, cared for, secure in our relationship?

Am I willing to put their needs above my own at times if necessary?

Do I have the means to share my life with them spiritually, physically, financially?

Often times, I might commit to things in life: in relationships, friendships, jobs, education, without stopping to think what amount of commitment it will take from me to follow through.

It is easy to say “I commit” …to be caught up in a moment of joy, passion, or excitement and promise to commit to a person, and ideal, a goal, or a direction.

But I know today… that when I choose to commit… I must first spend quiet, contemplative time, and focus on my spiritual footwork to decide if I am truly willing to follow through on that commitment and that path.

“Dear God, help me to be true to my word and pure in my intent. When I choose to commit help me to follow through.”

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