March 3rd: Serenity

March 3rd-Serenity

Serenity for me is putting what I can in my life in order and letting the rest go: the things I cannot control.

This means that I complete tasks/chores in my life that will add to the quality and balance of my daily existence.

Paying the bills in a timely manner.

Keeping my house clean and orderly.

Exercising each day.

Eating well.


By keeping my physical and mental house “in order” I am creating structure and balance so that when unforeseen events tax my emotional or physical state… I am centered and better prepared to handle the situation: I am calm and able to offer support to those I love when they may be negatively affected by a crisis.

“Dear God, help me to keep my house in order. Help me to make time each day to complete the tasks that will help me stay in serenity.”

4 thoughts on “March 3rd: Serenity

  1. Ex husband and I back in relationship and he is in rehab for 3rd time in 2 years for alcoholism.

    I am so confused.

    A friend led me this page. Thank you for this


    • Hi Robin, I just received this message (not sure why it took so long to come through) Please know that I check the site regularly and I’m always here if you need to write me a note. You are going to have a lot of feelings tied up in your reconciliation. Al Anon meetings are a great help, counseling is too. Trust issues seemed to be the hardest stumbling block for me and my husband. It sounds like he is working towards recovery. Do you best to take care of you! It’s very hard! We are always taking care of others. Thinking of you today. D.

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