October 2nd: Regrets

Everyone has regrets… something in their life they wish they could change… wish they could take back.

During my divorce, I thought of so many of my actions I wished I could go back and change but… that’s not the way life works.

What is done is done.

I found that the only way to let go of my regret, was to work hard not to make the same mistakes in the future:

Think before speaking.

Wait before acting.

Love more… fight less.

Regret teaches us to reach for the “Higher Road” in our day-to-day dealings with others.

Regret reminds us that we have an opportunity to try again, using a new and hopefully kinder way of thinking or acting.

Yes, it can be hard to live with regret but, if you can embrace your mistakes, learn from them, and move forward on a better path, then you can see regret as a gift: a gift of empathy.

“Dear God, help me to forgive myself for my past mistakes. Show me how to use my regrets as a tool to find a new and kinder way of acting and thinking.”

4 thoughts on “October 2nd: Regrets

    • Vince… I’m so sorry about the pain… it is so very difficult to go through this… I feel that I am much better in my current relationship… that I have more perspective in regards to my partner. I tell everyone that I would NEVER wish a divorce on anyone but that my divorce changed me in ways that has actually benefited me in all of my relationships today.

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