November 8th: Making Promises and Following Through

When I make a promise to someone it is important that I follow through.

During my divorce, I would become terribly frustrated when promises were made by my ex-husband and then not kept.

Part of my anger was due to my own personal pain:  I was hurt that he had left me and I felt the burden of the family responsibilities were all down to me.

But the other part of the problem, the one that could not be changed with time or spiritual footwork, was that if he promised to do something like watch our children while I was working, or provide financial support on a specific day and then did not follow through, then my life and our children’s lives were suddenly thrown into chaos.

As an adult if we are unable to keep a promise… unable to follow through, then it is our responsibility to let the other person involved in the commitment know as soon as possible.

Yes emergencies arise… unforeseeable problems occur… life happens… but repetitive breaking of promises without good reason is disrespectful and irresponsible behavior.

Being an adult means communicating, keeping promises, and following through on all of our commitments.

Today… my ex-husband works very hard to keep his commitments to our family. I am thankful that through spiritual footwork, we are both able to follow through on promises that we make to each other.

“Dear God, help me to keep my promises and follow through on my commitments. I know that I am not always willing… but if I have promised to be present and responsible.. help me to do just that.”

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