November 13th: Decisions

There is always a peace-of-mind that comes over me after I make a decision.

A moment of serenity after I have chosen a specific path.

Often… when I am struggling with something… turning it over again-and-again in my mind… I find that everything in my life suffers from the limbo.

I am chaotic.

I am frenetic.

I am at odds with the world.

But once the decision I need to make is made… no matter how unpleasant it may be… everything seems to right itself.

Each time I choose to be brave, let something go, make a decision, and move forward, I find that I become more in tune with my spiritual path and calm in regards to my life choices.

Decisions can be difficult… but living in limbo is worse.

Limbo leaves me stranded in the past and unwilling to move towards the future.

I must have the strength to make the best decision I can make today and use that decision to walk bravely forward.

“Dear God, help me to make decisions wisely. Help me to ask for guidance from you, trusted friends and loved ones, and then move forward with surety in my choice and on my life path.”

16 thoughts on “November 13th: Decisions

  1. Wow- this one hits with such amazing timing. Just starting a new job, deciding how to “handle” the holidays and be open with family members — trying to go with my heart on these things and not just with what others want. I’ve found as I’ve been on my own the past several months, I’m starting to trust myself more. That trust is starting to make me a bit more decisive. But there are rough moments with that still!

    • Patricia just keep doing what you have to do to take care of yourself for now. You are still so “fresh” in the moment and your decisions should always be about how you can protect yourself from further hurt at this particular moment… Do what you want for the holidays…. you need time to heal and move on! I’m here for you. πŸ™‚ D.

  2. This one helped me today. I’ve been struggling with where to put my energy – so much uncertainty about things. Being decisive is such a release. Thank you, Dee Dee!

    • Judy…. I know…. I do the same thing… so much uncertainty and then I spin… I always feel so much better after I make a decision… and… you can always change your decision down the line if it doesn’t work for you… I think sometimes we get in that all-or-nothing mentality and then just end up in limbo…. I know I do at times! πŸ™‚ D.

    • It just takes time. I always say how much I HATED hearing that from people at the beginning of my divorce but it was so true… I still find myself sometimes struggling with decisions in emotionally charged situations or relationships… but thinking things through and then making a decision always helps me to move out of limbo and follow my own moral compass. πŸ™‚ D.

  3. I was just thinking of this today. I started at al-anon over two years ago. I went looking for advice only to realize that’s not what it’s all about. It took two years, trying my hardest to hold onto my marriage but when the decision came it knew it was right. I wasn’t just emotional or just rational I was it that place where wise decisions are made. Now, just weeks away from my divorce date I find most days are good. I’m comfortable and looking forward to finding myself. It’s also comforting to read your writings, knowing there are others who have found peace.

    • I’m so glad, Helene. When I was going through my divorce… I couldn’t find any program/spiritual daily writings so… I wrote them πŸ™‚
      I wanted to share experience, strength, and hope and let others know that we are walking this path together. D.

  4. So glad I saw this post again DD
    I’m not sure I found you out here at just the right time 28 months ago !
    Thankful everyday you’ve written this blog and kept it going.
    Still trying to “decide” attitudinally how I’m going to spend the holidays . Last year I felt a bit more joy – it’s getting better πŸ™‚

  5. Hi D!
    Another year is passing . I was thinking about this topic… decisions. You’ve been right all along – time , patience , day by day- -and life that has joy and feeling of value returns.
    I hope one day we meet too πŸ™‚
    Best to you as the holiday season is on the way 😍

    • Thank you, Patricia. I’ve been thinking of you quite a bit lately. I’m so glad you sent me this update. Time moves us through… horrible to hear on day one πŸ˜€ but so obvious once we’ve had some time to grieve, reflect, and move forward. I’m always here for you. D.

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