December 12th: Acceptance

December 12th-Acceptance

During my divorce, it was hard for me to accept my changing circumstances.

I was sad that my husband had left, sad that my family life had changed, and mourning the loss of my dream.

Accepting those changes seemed impossible.

How was I to move forward when I could barely get my head out of the past?

It took many months of constant contact with my Higher Power, intimate conversations with the people I trust and love, and time spent on my own spiritual footwork.

By taking the time to work towards my future, and getting out of my own way, I was able to move through the sadness and pain and accept all of the changes over time.

Today, I remind myself, when a change seems hard to accept, of that time in my life: my divorce, when everything seemed so insurmountable.

It reminds me that I do have the ability to accept change and that if I approach my problems with a willingness to understand that change in life is inevitable, and accept my feelings so that after time, I can move through them, then I will end up in a better emotional and spiritual state: one that keeps me in a place of acceptance.

“Dear God, help me to accept where I am at in my life today. Help me to understand that life is ever changing and I must believe in your direction even when I feel lost on my path.”

3 thoughts on “December 12th: Acceptance

  1. I keep thinking I’m in full acceptance mode but of course , get a message today about a FB post … And I’m really staying away but people / info find me! Post by ex to a family member with love from him and “new” love.
    I didn’t think I had anger left and at five + months out of relationship and divorce final this still really smarts!!!
    So the challenge of staying away from past events and new pain is crazy!! And inevitable.
    Some days I wonder where I am with all this.

  2. You know what’s funny about me being able to respond to this today? Someone just contacted me and read an email to me from my ex-husband’s new wife! We have been apart since 2000 and yet it still creeps in! ๐Ÿ™‚ Did I have feelings about it? Yes. Were they strong feelings? Maybe for a moment but then… it was gone. The new wife is now struggling with all of the same problems that I had in my new marriage. I find that I have compassion for her and hope that she now has perspective in regards to the man she married. You will get through this! I’m here for you! D.

  3. This is an interesting thread to review after a year!
    I too hear about my ex, and did very recently; he’s with his girlfriend and apparently things aren’t rosy…
    I used to react hard to anything I’d hear. Now I feel distanced from the news. And with his jumping so quickly (running practically) to another relationship to avoid responsibility and effort – it’s clear how difficult things can become when the limerance/honeymoon period is over.
    I’m relieved to say that I’ve finally mentally moved on (a few twinges here and there), in pace with all the day to day life changes. ๐Ÿ™‚

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