December 21st: Bad Timing

December 21st-Timing

I used to believe there was no such thing as bad timing in relationships.

I thought that if someone didn’t want to be with me and used the words “bad timing” that it must have something to do with me.

They must not have loved me enough to give it their all.

I must have behaved in a way to make them have second thoughts.

Bad timing must be their code for… “I’m looking for someone better.”

I know now, that my lack of self-esteem after my divorce, was the contributing factor to my negative beliefs.

Today I do believe that there is such a thing as bad timing and that it has no reflection on who I am, or how that person may feel about me.

If I were asked right now… this moment… by someone I truly loved to get married… I would have to say, “No.”

Not because that person doesn’t matter to me…

Not because I no longer have faith in marriage…

But because I must put my own house in order before I can let someone back into my heart.

If I am not truly ready, if I am still mourning a loss, or walking through pain and despair…

If I am still focused on spiritual footwork to help me move towards being my best in my next relationship, then I owe it to myself and the person I love to admit, that this is not the right time for us to begin.

We often accept timing in our day-to-day activities, friendships, and business dealings, but are often unwilling to give, to step back, and look at timing in relation to love.

“Dear God, help me to remember that life unfolds on your time, not mine. Help me to be patient in all of my relationships.”

2 thoughts on “December 21st: Bad Timing

  1. Hi D:
    I’m going to be off the grid traveling for 10 days or so .
    Happy Holidays!

    And about bad timing … I agree
    I can’t imagine being married, but hope to be more comfortable to open up a bit … A steady relationship would be lousy timing right now 🙂

    Wish you and your family the best.
    You’re the best.

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