January 19th: Direction

January 19th Direction

Yesterday, I found myself overwhelmed by life.

Frustrated, I was unable to control my emotions with others, I was late to all of my appointments for the day, I had forgotten to take care of my most basic needs and realized that I had even forgotten to put gas in my car.

As I was rushing through the city streets, changing my path rapidly in hopes of being able to find the closest gas station before I ran out of gas completely, I had a moment of clarity.

Over the course of the last few months I had been pulled in many different directions.

I had ran myself ragged, lost my way, and once again become tired and worn from the chaos.

I knew then, that today, would be a day, when I would need to be alone and take the time to calm my mind and choose my true direction.

What resonates in my heart?

What brings me a sense of accomplishment or pride in what I do?

What do I consider my calling?

Sometimes, we allow ourselves to be distracted by so many things that we forget what brings us peace.

I am reminded today that I can stop along my spiritual path, rest on my journey, take a moment to look at my life, and then… with a clear and calm mind… move forward towards my true North.


“Dear God, help me to release chaos. Help me to let go of distractions and search for my true calling.”

2 thoughts on “January 19th: Direction

    • I’m so glad Judy. It does get better… I promise. But it is amazing after all this time how I catch myself in the old habit of “care-taking” and suddenly I am wandering and worn! Remember… you can always stop and take a moment to catch your breath! đŸ™‚ D.

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