January 20th: Putting my House in Order

January 20th

When I find that I am overwhelmed…

When it seems that my mind is emotionally cluttered…

I know that it is time to put my “house in order.”

When I do too much…

When I race from appointment-to-appointment…

When I am hurried and harried by what life is throwing at me…

I know it is time to take things to task.

I once heard that you should get up each morning and make your bed.

It seemed silly to me.

Why would that matter?

How could that affect my emotions throughout the course of my day?

But now, I understand.

Physical clutter and mess create mental clutter and mess.

Chaos brings more chaos.

Stress begins when my physical house is not in order.

By handling my chores, my mundane tasks, putting my house in order, I then have a calm, clean environment to settle into when I feel worn from life’s many trials.


“Dear God, help me to put first things first. When I feel overwhelmed by life’s ups-and-downs, help me to step back and put my house in order.”

2 thoughts on “January 20th: Putting my House in Order

  1. Just spent the past two weekends getting “the house” in order. Sparked ideas for even more projects , which isn’t all bad. Hopefully organized house will have more settled and organized mind following 🙂

    • I bet it will…. I find when everything becomes cluttered I begin to feel overwhelmed… and that once I set myself to putting things in order… I begin to feel more centered almost immediately.

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