January 23rd: Revelation

January 22nd

Sometimes I can be oblivious to what is really going on inside of me, until I have some type of revelation.

Overwhelmed by too many commitments, struggling with issues regarding my self-esteem, worn, tired, straying from my spiritual path, it is as if my Higher Power suddenly throws someone directly in my way, who says the exact words I need to hear, or gives me exactly what I need in my life, to have a moment of clarity that brings my true world back into focus.

When I hear something said that resounds in my soul… I must listen to it.

When I see something done that sets off a distant bell of understanding… I mustn’t ignore it.

These moments of enlightenment are precious… they reveal the truth and lead me back onto my spiritual path.

“Dear God, help me to listen when you speak to me. Help me to watch when you show me. Help me to follow your path when I have lost my way.”

6 thoughts on “January 23rd: Revelation

  1. This is so relevant and applicable for me, Deedee. It is so beautiful and I might share it on my blog. Thank you so much, as always. And by the way, the photography on your blog is spectacular, too.

      • Well, not that terrific. I had an eye problem that sent me to ER. Luckily my retina is intact, but I have an ugly new floater and some blood spots in the back of my eye. I’m supposed to “get used to it.” I think on my spiritual path, this is just another hurdle that I will overcome by looking for the blessings in my life rather than challenges. Thanks for caring!

  2. Really like this post and can relate so much. Seems I’m still so sensitive to practically anything I need to “handle”… probably because all my thoughts, and decisions are my own alone now. Many things are exciting and scary at times! As I build self esteem back I hope my clarity continues to improve!

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