January 28th: Regrets

January 29th-Regrets

I woke up this morning with regrets on my mind.

Things I had done that I wished that I hadn’t.

Things I had said that I wished I could take back.

Opportunities that I had let pass me by, due to one reason or another.

My heart felt heavy as these feelings washed over me and for a moment, I was overwhelmed by all of the mistakes I had made.

It isn’t easy to let myself swim in regret but… to feel regret… is to allow my conscience to become fully aware and in touch with the painful choices and actions of my past.

I do not have to see it as a negative… I can see it for what it really is… an opportunity for me to change my actions in the present and in the future.

Regret reminds me of what I choose not to repeat…

What words I choose not to share…

What opportunities I should not let pass me by.

Regret reminds me to make an amends to all I may have harmed in my past and specifically… to forgive myself and move on.

“Dear God, help me to let go of regret and live in the present. Help me to forgive myself my past as I move toward a more positive direction in my future.”

5 thoughts on “January 28th: Regrets

  1. I was thinking about regrets … I often wake up too early in the morning and my mind starts to “evaluate” decisions I’ve made, things I’ve said, things I have or haven’t done. Regrets turn into worries, wanting to turn the clock back, wishing I’d done more ( or done less!). These “episodes” are becoming less frequent as I work on being in the present, learning from those thoughts, and trying to moving on by learning what not to repeat!

    • Patricia, I have found that it is VERY important to get right out of bed and get busy with life! You are so right… if you allow your mind to wander and ruminate it goes straight into regret. One of my mentors always tells me to stop spinning my wheels… stay in the moment… enjoy this moment… because as far as we know… we only have one go around. It has helped me to work towards letting the past go and valuing my present time and what I can do with it! 🙂 D.

  2. I too find myself dwelling on things, especially when driving. I can usually catch myself by replacing the thoughts with a silly chant “ruminating, ruminating”. It usually works and my mind goes back to something more productive. My ex just dealt me a blow that is way more bothersome than it should be. He bought a Mercedes, albeit a low end 7 year old one, knowing that its always been my dream car. It’s so infuriating as he intentionally sought a Mercedes out as his second vehicle. He hasn’t worked in many years so it just looks dumb but it still was just so mean spirited. I need to get past this! I’ve been doing well but this is tripping me up mentally.

    • Isn’t it amazing how they do things like that? My ex immediately took his girlfriend on a trip to Hawaii, something we had wanted to do as a family. She was kind enough to send the kids a postcard letting them know how much fun they were having without them. It was SO mean spirited. Brush it away! Brush it away! Stay on your higher road! 🙂 D.

  3. not regret the past or wish to shut the door on it, but also not be held hostage by it, I forgive myself I did the best I could at the time with what I knew and so did my ex, now I pray for gods help to bless us both with love success abundance grace mercy and help us both move forward, life is meant to be lived in the present and today I choose to do so, learn from the past it’s a blessing, the best is yet to come, we are blessed, god loves us all have an awesome day.

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