January 29th: Attitude

January 29th-Attitude

Some days are just harder to get through then others.

Maybe I’m overwhelmed by too many commitments.

Maybe I didn’t sleep well the night before and my emotions are getting the better of me.

Maybe I’m just fed up with everyone and everything and can’t stop myself from being snappy or snide… sure that everyone around me is just trying to test my patience.

On days like these, I stop and think about what I once heard in an inspirational speech.

The speaker was sharing an anecdote related to bad attitudes and he said, “If throughout the course of the day you run into someone with a bad attitude… then you run into someone with a bad attitude. Don’t worry about it. It’s bound to happen. Just stay positive and move along in your day but…”

Here he paused for emphasis and then added, “If you run into three or more people with bad attitudes… then you’re the one with the bad attitude.  You’re the one with the problem.”

Of course we all laughed, each of us being guilty of this type of denial related to our own bad behavior at one time or another.

But for me… the sentiment stuck and today… if I do catch myself angry with the world, sure that everyone is against me, ready to attack at any moment… then it is time for me to check my own attitude, change my perspective, and step back onto my spiritual path and away from my shadow self.”


“Dear God, help me to adjust my attitude during the course of a particularly trying day.  Help me to remember that each day is a gift that I must cherish.”

2 thoughts on “January 29th: Attitude

  1. I was just writing a few things down about regrets and then read this post! I’ve had an “attitude” about regrets , how I think I’m perceived, and how I interpret people’s comments or actions.
    Coming through some very negative, very emotionally charged events during my divorce,I am having to stop and realize that I’m not responsible for someone else’s mood, that I’m most likely not creating that mood, and that mine have fluctuated daily at times! When I remember that I’m grateful to be building a new life my attitude is becoming more balanced.

  2. What someone says or does to you…. says more about who THEY are then who YOU are…. I have learned over the years to really listen to information someone is sharing with me… there is always a back-story related to their own self-esteem issues 🙂 D.

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