January 30th: Strength

January 30th Strength

Strength is a character trait that I am glad that I possess.

It has been cultivated over time, made stronger by each trial I have endured.

Today, when I find myself struggling to continue on…

Feeling like I can’t cope for even a moment longer…

I remind myself of the pain and despair I have walked through, over the course of my life, and how I have been made stronger today because of it.

The painful events of my past, remind me that I do have the strength to continue on my spiritual path even when it seems the road is too difficult to walk.

I must remember that “This too shall pass.”

I must remember that change for the better is inevitable.

If I keep these thoughts in mind,  I will move forward…

I will get through my hardships.

“Dear God, help me to have the strength to endure when I feel that I am lost and worn.”

7 thoughts on “January 30th: Strength

  1. I’ve been struggling right now and your words speak right to my heart. Thank you, as always for helping me to move forward. Your wisdom is very helpful.

  2. This week has been great but tough – your thoughts on strength hit to the core.
    Feeling stronger but not quite sure of myself. Making my way “on my own” but not sure how it will all “turn out”, and talking to old friends– starting to see them again– and the old memories keep me feeling nervous.
    Some of the stronger days and the hardest days can happen anytime, anywhere.

    • I totally understand…. you never know where a “trigger” may appear in the beginning… I spent over a year keeping my distance from many of our mutual friends…. it was easiest to text or email because I knew that I could keep it brief and limit the conversation from going into “the divorce.”

  3. Not so much a divorcee, I thought. Yet I have had repeated serial monogamy relationships and am now part of the dating pool [a treacherous place to be!]. Continual breakups and endings leaving me hungry and a bit desperate for something real and tangible. This reminds me to embrace myself and stand strong. Thank you.

    • Yes my family and friends have given me a bit of a fuss over the fact that it is called “divorce meditations” … they think it should be “relationship meditations!” We all go through a myriad of emotions related to relationships: divorced, married, single, in-between… contemplating, reflecting, working towards improvement… helps us get through it! 🙂 D.

  4. Hey D! I went down the “Rabbit Hole”
    The holidays have always created stress for me with so many family members passing at that time over the years. Stopped to see my mom after getting in from Chicago , and in to SF , as she is in N Ca. She became violently ill , ( thank goodness I was there! )and 5 weeks later , I’m back in S Ca
    She is my last living relative as well as being my mom ( and I’m an only child )
    Landing a few days ago , it feels like ptsd as I hope her regaining independence at home
    with some help will prevail .
    One of my friends said , as we kept in touch – I’m amazed you can be kind and tough at the same time in these circumstances.
    Isn’t life such a labyrinth of pain joy angst and relief !
    So … Best to ask for the New Year as I re-enter the “atmosphere ” 🙂

  5. I’m SO glad… I was a bit worried about you! Glad you were there for your momma… all is well here… 🙂 I love having your experience, strength, and hope guiding the newbies on here! 🙂 D.

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