February 14th: Being Kind


This morning I walked down to the lake to look at the ice.

It was breaking into large sheets and floating past when I noticed a small group of hungry wild ducks hoping that I had brought them some bread.

I trudged back through the snow, grabbed a bag of bread from the kitchen, and went back down to feed them.

By the time I returned… they had swam away.

Just then a little five-year-old girl, all dressed in pink, came walking up to me shyly across the snowy bank.

“Would you like to feed the ducks with me?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said.

Her smile was radiant.

We both stood on the shore, calling out to the ducks, until first the seagulls arrived, and then a few of the brave mallards and finally, the whole motley crew of birds swam over and surrounded us… little soft birds up close to my new friend’s feet as she reached down and gently gave them bits of bread.

Her father was taking photos, so proud of his little girl when he suddenly stopped… embarrassed… and said, “I’m so sorry. We should have brought our own bread.”

“Don’t be silly,” I told him. “There’s more than enough bread for all of us.”

He smiled and laughed as we emptied the bag of bread, talked about life, children, the beautiful day and the ducks, before I finally waved goodbye and headed back to write.

Today, I am reminded of the chain reaction of kindness… how one small thoughtful act can create a ripple that reaches out to touch the far shore.


“Dear God, thank you for bringing me moments of happiness and joy. Help me to always hold kindness in my heart and to share my goodwill with all around me.”

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