February 15th: Reacting


Sometimes, I allow my temper to get the better of me and when I do… I jump to react.

But, the problem with reacting during a moment of intense emotion, is that I often say things or do things I later regret.

When I let my emotions take over, I act from a place that is not in line with my spiritual path.

Reacting without stepping back to calm my mind leads me to make assumptions… assumptions that often prove to be inaccurate.

Today, I try my best to walk away from a heated moment and give myself time to process the situation and use logic to clearly think on the problem.

Then, when I feel that I can approach the situation again with a bit of compassion and a bit of maturity, I do so… sure in my behavior.

“Dear God, help me to be rational. Help me to choose to react as a loving and kind adult in all situations that may try my spiritual growth.”

2 thoughts on “February 15th: Reacting

  1. I’ve had to work on training myself to do the overreaction in my head and give a little space before I act or speak.
    I had several moments over the past year (probably felt entitled because my emotions were still raw) where I just assumed I knew exactly what was going on – and I was blown away at how far off my compass was!
    Thank you understanding friends and family 🙂

  2. I got into it the other night with my partner and as we were arguing we realized that there had been a key puzzle piece of the problem on each side. I had understood something wrong… he had understood something wrong…. and that misunderstanding caused the entire fight… If either one of us had taken a moment to calm down instead of react… there wouldn’t have even been a fight! But of course…. like most life lessons… this one will last a lifetime. 🙂 d.

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