February 17th: Time

February 17th-Time

When I was going through my divorce, people would often tell me that all I needed was time to heal from my pain.

It was true… but in the “moment” that thought… wasn’t able to provide much comfort from my despair… the intensity of the emotions were overwhelming and I couldn’t help but pray that time would move me quickly through the process.

And of course, time did.

But now today… I struggle with a different problem related to time: the problem of wanting too much too fast in a relationship.

It is exciting to have someone in love with you again, in need of you again, making plans… being a couple.

Caught up in the “feel good” moment, it is easy to be swept away with emotion and commit to someone when maybe… it really is too soon to do so.

Time works both ways… to ease the pain of heartbreak and to temper the passion of new love.

It is wonderful to enjoy moments of intense happiness and connection but, I must take the time to see past the emotion.

Time will let me know if I have found a good fit in my choice of a new partner.


“Dear God, help me to take time to know my heart. Help me to find balance in each day.”

3 thoughts on “February 17th: Time

  1. This is the true key and your post is just wonderful for all of us to understand the process of grief , despair , anger , relief , sadness , re-awakening of one’s true self.
    But a little patience and input from friends … You start to realize you’re emotions and attitudes are shifting.
    Oh patience !! Yuck ! It’s still an internal battle 🙂

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