February 19th: Compassion

February 19th-Compassion

While growing up I remember being told, when I was being less than kind to someone, “Well how would you feel? Put yourself in their place.”

It was the way my parents worked to teach me not to be so judgmental and also a way to remind me to have compassion.

It is easy to make a snap judgment.

It is easy to say, “I would never do that!”

It is easy to think, I’m above making that type of mistake.

But the truth is… I am no different than any other person on this planet.

I have my good days… and I have my bad days.

When I am struggling to find compassion for another human being in my life, it would do me well to step back and review my “own perfect behavior.”

Have I truly been pristine in everything I have ever said and done?

When I find myself struggling to find compassion… I must think on my own mistakes from the past… and remind myself how I have learned from them.

I must be willing to give others a chance to grow at their own pace… their own time… and work towards finding compassion for all of those who are struggling on their spiritual path.

“Dear God, help me to always carry compassion in my heart. Help me to lay judgment aside and look towards my own shortcomings to mend instead of focusing on another’s flaws.”

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