March 2nd: Conversations

March 2nd-Conversations

Since my divorce, I have found myself choosing to “talk less” and listen more.

This has proven to be of benefit to me in all of my relationships.

In the past, I would talk things into the ground.

Everything had to be discussed, dissected, so much so… that I was spending most of my time talking about my relationship instead of actually living my relationship.

Today I have learned that sometimes, it is best to just let things be… to allow moments to breathe… to be silent instead of speak.

“Dear God, help me to be calm and quiet. Help me to see the peace in being silent and serene.”

2 thoughts on “March 2nd: Conversations

  1. One of my teachers uses the term holding the night watch: Holding space and asking nothing of the other, yet wishing more for them then they can ever wish for themselves. I am continually amazed at the magnificence that appears before me when I hold the high watch.

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