March 9th: Asking for Help

March 9th-Accomplishments

Yesterday, I was in charge of completing a clean-up task that was more than overwhelming.

I had promised that I would have the job done within 24-hours but, it was a hard physical task and as the hours rolled on I became overwhelmed.

I wanted to stop.

It was almost nine at night and I was out in the cold, working still.

I kept trying to remind myself that I was there for a reason.

I worked on, refusing to ask others for help, because I had volunteered that I would get this job done.

When suddenly, a custodian at the location walked up to me and began having a casual conversation while I worked.

She seemed to know that I wouldn’t ask her to help me with my task but after we chatted for awhile she said, “I’m just going to pick up this paint scrapper and work on this over here.”

I was embarrassed at first… worried I put her out… she had her own job to do and now she was out here in the cold helping me.

I tensed… I felt stupid… and then she said, “Work always makes the time go faster. I’m happy to help you. I finished my job early but I’m not off work until eleven. It will be nice to pass the time talking and working with you.”

And right at that moment, I was reminded that when I need help… I should ask for it.

Yes, I took the job on…

Yes, it was my responsibility…

But that doesn’t mean I should suffer in silence if the task proves to be too great.

I was humbled by this woman’s kindness and soon, two others were there joining in.

The task was completed quickly.

I gave them all a big hug before I left for the evening.

It felt good to know their were others in the world who would step up to support a stranger in need.

And I enjoyed seeing the smiles on each face… the satisfaction of a kindness given freely and the camaraderie we shared.

“Dear God, please help me to be humble and ask for help when I am in need. Remind me that there is goodwill in giving and by stoically moving forward on my own, I am robbing someone of the chance to share your spirit of brotherhood.”

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