March 8th: Accomplishments

March 8th-Accomplishments

When I think back on the progress I have made over the past ten years, I see that I have accomplished many of the goals I set out to achieve. Most of these goals may not seem that “grand” to others. In fact, they may not seem like accomplishments to them at all but… that is not important: they are accomplishments to me. Recovering from my painful divorce. Finding solace in my writing and my art. Choosing relationships with trustworthy, kind, reliable people that benefit my well-being. Taking care of myself on a daily basis. Being loving to my family and friends. These are all goals I set during a painful time in my life and are now, a daily reminder of how far I have come, since those days of despair brought on by the loss of my marriage. Today, I celebrate all I have achieved. Today, I celebrate what my life has become. Today, I look forward to my new path and know that though there will be times of trouble again, I have accomplished goals that will remind me that I have the strength to continue onward, the mental fortitude to see it through. –

“Dear God, thank you for letting me see what can truly be accomplished when I get out of my own way.”

4 thoughts on “March 8th: Accomplishments

  1. Thanks, Deedee. I really appreciated the line about “despair over the loss of my marriage.” So often I refuse to acknowledge the very real emotion of despair. I have always celebrated surviving grief and know that I will celebrate overcoming this divorce soon. Divorce has definitely been a stress pit, but like you – I am grateful for my music and writing.

    • Judy you and I have shared several similar experiences…. I read your writing and feel the gratitude that you have for your writing and your music and your words are so inspiring 🙂

  2. It takes courage to make goals while in the state of ‘despair’ after the loss of a marriage. Those goals to ‘recover’ and ‘care for myself’ ring are in fact HUGE accomplishments. Thank you for this reminder.

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