March 7th: Asking For What I Want

March 7th Hurt Feelings

It is very hard for me to ask for what I want when it comes to meeting my needs in a romantic relationship.

I feel that attention, moments together, words, actions, commitment should be offered freely.

And… part of that belief is true: No one should ever have to be coerced into loving.

If a partner is hedging, maybe they are not ready to offer more… or maybe… the relationship is not right for me at this time in my life.

But… asking for the smaller, more intimate things in a relationship: attention, a moment together, words of reassurance, a confirmation that an action pleases us or makes us feel safe, is part of building a firm base for a present relationship and provides trust that moves the partnership forward to the next level.

It is up to me, to ask for what I need and see if it will be given.

If it isn’t, then maybe it is time for me to let go.


“Dear God, help me to ask for what I want and need. Help me to be brave and speak up in all of my relationships.”

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