March 6th: Setbacks

March 6th setbacks

Even when I’m working towards a goal with my best intentions, there are moments when I falter and suffer setbacks.

How I react to my setback is what can make or break my determination and my will to reach my goal.

If I choose to view a setback as a fatality… berate myself for my weakness… chalk it up as a failure and quit… then I have lost perspective and will never find a way to move forward on my path.

However, if I look at a setback as a common occurrence that happens from time-to-time when striving to improve myself, my life, my world, then my logic and self-compassion work to my advantage and help me to continue moving forward towards my ultimate goal.

I must remind myself to “go easy” rely on progress and not necessarily perfection.

If I choose to give up, give in to my setbacks, what will I have accomplished a year from now? Ten years from now?

If I learn from my setbacks, and find new ways to push past the character flaws that hinder me from reaching my goal… a year from now… ten years from now… I will see emotion, physical and spiritual growth and my possibilities become endless.


“Dear God, help me to see a setback for what it is: a stall but not a stop on my spiritual path.”

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