March 13th: Amends

Amazing waves

Making an amends is not always easy.

Sometimes, I find myself embarrassed by my actions and unable to admit that my behavior was unacceptable.

Sometimes, the person I need to make an amends to still irritates or frustrates me, and though I know that it is the right thing to do, my pride stands in the way of my apology.

But, making an amends is not just about apologizing to another human being.

Making amends is about forgiving myself for my past behaviors.

If I have truly grown on my spiritual path.

If I have truly changed my ways.

Then I must make an amends to free myself from the burden of the guilt I still carry.

I must forgive myself for the mistakes I have made and by apologizing to others, I am taking a step towards my spiritual release.

I must humble myself and ask for forgiveness from those I have harmed.

I must humble myself and ask that I forgive myself.

“Dear God, help me to learn from my past mistakes and let the burden of my pain go. Help me to forgive myself and make amends to those I have harmed.”

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