March 25th: Patience

March 25th-Patience

Yesterday,  I found myself losing my patience.

I had a lot going on with my work and my high school students seemed particularly needy.

Each time I spoke sternly to them I would stop myself and say, “I’m not angry. I’m just really overwhelmed right now” and then I would stop what I was doing and calmly listen to their needs.

By the end of the day, I thought about how good I had been with my students.

I had explained to them that I was stressed, under pressure, and didn’t want to take it out on them…

When I was fearful that my voice might upset them or cause them to become hurt, I stopped my action and self-corrected.

I couldn’t help but be reminded that I must observe this type of patience in all of my daily dealings.

How many times had I not been this kind with adults sure that they should know better?

I’m not the only one under pressure in my day-to-day life.

I’m not the only one struggling with an excessive work load or intense family dynamics, or working to get through a difficult day.

I must exercise patience, show compassion, when dealing with all people, young and old, on days where I feel shaky on my spiritual path.

“Dear God, help me to be patient with everyone around me. Help me to have perspective and show compassion.”

3 thoughts on “March 25th: Patience

  1. Love this! Of course, I was waiting for the obvious – gentleness and patience with ourselves! I am usually harsher with myself than with anyone else. Patience has become a key for me that allows for calmness. It allows me to re-evaluate things and make more thoughtful decisions, rather than feeling overwhelmed.

  2. Great timing for a reminder!
    Just over-reacted to something very minor with my roommate and realized it was my issue, my stress that I was expressing. Have always been least patient with myself, and it helps when I can catch it before I “share” it with someone else!

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