March 26th: Being There for Others

March 26th-Being There For Others

This week is a very eventful week for me.

I have a looming deadline.

I have a public speaking engagement and…

I have a work commitment where I must be present for my students and their families.

I knew that I would need to take this week “one day at a time” maybe even “one hour at a time” if necessary just to make it through so…

When one of my good friends called me today, under stress and in need of reassurance, I wasn’t sure what I would have to offer him.

He was worried about his own work…

Stressed about his job…

Going over every detail again and again and hoping that nothing would go awry.

And after listening for just a few moments to his voice, I knew that I needed to put my own worries aside and support my friend.


My difficult week… my struggles were minor, they were in no way comparable, to what his worries entailed.

At his job… a critical mistake, could cost someone their life.

I listened to my friend and offered my support freely.

I was reminded today that no matter how overwhelmed I may be in my own world, others may be dealing with a task, a problem much more difficult than my own.

Being there for others reminds me of who I want to be in a relationship:

A compassionate friend.

An anchor when someone I love feels unmoored by life’s trials.

The voice of calm reason and assurance when my loved ones are in doubt.

The one with true perspective that can see when my own troubles need to be set aside to support a friend.

“Dear God, help me to have a higher perspective. When others need me, help me to offer my support, to set aside my own troubles, for the benefit of those I love.”

One thought on “March 26th: Being There for Others

  1. So true! I literally have a friend at this time with job issues and concerns. We’ve always been there for each other and can be great “sounding boards”.
    You are so right — there can be a lot we’re going through, but it is so important to be there for others, and it seems to put one’s own challenges in a better perspective and provides more strength to tackle them as well!

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