March 27th: Dedication

March 27th-Dedication

Being dedicated, or committed to a task or purpose is not always an easy thing.

It takes a lot of mental fortitude to see something through when it becomes difficult or tiring but for me…

When I do dedicate myself to a specific task, use my strong work ethic to see me through, there is a great satisfaction in my accomplishments.

If I stay in the moment, and work towards my goal one minute at a time instead of allowing myself to become overwhelmed by the overall task, I can achieve great things.

I cannot think of a time in my life that I was not proud of the time I spent on work that I was truly dedicated to…

Even my dedication to my marriage, though it did not turn out as I had hoped, moved me forward through my commitment to my relationship and gave me strength, when I was ready, to try again.

“Dear God, thank you for standing beside me during difficult tasks. Help me to be dedicated to all I do, and accept the outcome of my actions knowing that I gave my best.”

2 thoughts on “March 27th: Dedication

  1. Sometimes it’s hard to see and believe that dedication is valuable whether things fail or succeed.
    I’m starting to learn it is both. Focus on business planning and also looking back on hard work getting through the divorce. In both cases staying on the track helps one through!

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