March 29th: Delays

March 29th-Delays

Today I found myself waiting on others.

I had a big project due and my colleagues, were all delivering their work last minute: work I had to have to complete my assignment.

Even though I had contacted each person numerous times over the last several months… many of them chose to procrastinate until the very end.

Luckily, I learned something over the years that has helped me in the midst of just this type of last minute chaos: Accept that their will be delays and plan accordingly.

Having experienced delays with many of my colleagues before…. I made sure to give them a “final” deadline that was really a week ahead of my “own” true final deadline.

In that way, I was able to protect my sanity, give myself time to finish my project and review it calmly, before finalizing it and turning it in.

When I find myself in a situation where I must depend on someone that has proven at times to be unreliable, I must expect delays and set up parameters to take care of my own emotional, spiritual, and physical needs. No matter what type of relationship, professional or romantic… I must expect delays and create boundaries that keep me from chaos.

“Dear God, help me to find patience when all patience seems to have failed me.”

2 thoughts on “March 29th: Delays

  1. Well, chaos can be all around at times and I’m sure I contribute my brand of it in certain situations too!. I am probably “Type A” in old terms and having thrived on deadlines and seeing things accomplished, I will always be learning to be more patient — and sometimes I have to say I’ve failed. It’s a work in progress!

  2. Well that is true too! I do still enjoy deadlines… and seeing things accomplished…. I don’t mind that exciting good chaos of creating something and getting it done… it is relying on other people that I can’t trust that causes me to lose it! 🙂

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