July 7th: Self-Knowledge and the Journey

July 7th Self Knowledge I often think back on my divorce as an odyssey. Like many of the Greek heroes that I learned about when studying in school… I was so focused on my own ego and other people’s flaws that I lost my way. I was hurt. I was reacting out of pain and self-pity. I was worried about people’s perceptions of my marriage and their speculation on my divorce and I was so sad over the loss of my marriage that I didn’t want to continue on. But I did continue on and each day I set out to find answers to what went wrong, what was my part in it, and what I now wanted for my own life. There were constant mental and physical obstacles. I struggled, I became humble, I asked for help, and soon I was moving forward. It wasn’t easy to admit that I played a part in the end of my marriage… to let go of ego and embrace humility. But by doing so, I become a stronger person today, by admitting that I too have flaws and that I too need to work on obtaining clarity and self-knowledge from my experience and my journey. – ” Dear God, help me to let go of ego in search of humility. Help me to be honest about my part in things so that I have the ability to be a better person in all of my relationships.”

2 thoughts on “July 7th: Self-Knowledge and the Journey

  1. Still have a lot of work to do here– I was angry, sad , tired , and felt like I went through a lot of the divorce alone with so much to do. But I’m no hero and I recognize that all of this happened because we both did and didn’t do what we could to communicate and salvage our relationship.
    I want to do my best to bring all I learned, and now recognize , forward wth me 🙂

    • It is a humbling and often devastating experience that I would never wish on anyone… but it helped me to appreciate what I have now…. and what have become 🙂

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