July 8th: Putting a Plan into Place

182072_403339339738672_217024257_n When overwhelmed by pain and despair… When my mind spins a loop of negative feedback… I find that the only way out of my unhealthy cycle is to put a plan into place and stick to it. It does not have to be a grand plan… which in moments of desperation… would be too overwhelming to even conceive. It just needs to be a plan to get me out of my head and through the day. It can be as simple as making a list of things I know that I can control and accomplish: Getting up at a specific time. Making the bed. Exercising. Going for a cup of coffee. Meeting up with a friend. Whatever will keep my mind active in the moment and unable to ruminate over my problems. I have found that it really is the small things in my life that can set me off in the wrong direction or, for that matter, the right direction. If I find that my mood is sour… that I am unable to stop my negative thinking… I correct my action by putting a plan in place and following it until I am able to right my attitude. _ “Dear God, help me to find balance. Help me to go step-by-step throughout my day when I am struggling, taking care of my needs and focusing on the moment.”

One thought on “July 8th: Putting a Plan into Place

  1. This post certainly came at a great time.
    It was one of those nights when the wheels are going and sleep is sporadic.
    And I realized the reason is that tomorrow will be a year since I’ve seen or spoken to my ex ( other than a few emails).
    I’ll be glad when my mind lets go of vivid memories and “milestones.” 😐
    This one is much more positive than negative … When I look at my life now , I’m relieved and moving toward being at ease with the new life that has to be built.
    So, getting up earlier to walk today , and continue moving on! ☺️

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