July 16th: Expectations


I have expectations for everyone and everything and it is one of my character flaws I seem to refuse to let go of.

I am so good at creating “my fantasy world of choice” that I can basically map out an entire scenario for something that hasn’t even happened and then, feel totally deflated when it does not work out the way I planned it.

But, having these unrealistic expectations for every person I love and every life experience I am inclined to be a part of, leaves me vulnerable to two things:

Never really accepting the reality of my world and…

Constant disappointment.

Today, I am working very hard to “hope” without “expecting.”

It is difficult to let go of the fantasy and stay present in day-to-day life but, the more I practice keeping my mind where it should be… in the moment… the easier it will be for me to one day let go of my unrealistic expectations and my illusions.

“Dear God, help me to accept people and things as they are. Help me to live each moment in the moment and appreciate what it has to offer.”

2 thoughts on “July 16th: Expectations

  1. OMG! That is so me. I have major expectations all the time for the way people behave and treat me and I’m always surprised when I’m proven wrong. I’m learning that it’s hope that keeps those expectations alive; hope that they will finally change despite all evidence to the contrary and despite repeated broken promises. It is so deflating but trying to stay in the here-and-now as well.

    • I hear that a lot from my mentors “D.D. you keep doing the same thing but expecting different results.” Oy…. I’m learning. 🙂

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