July 24th: Holding On

Sometimes in life it is good to hold on.
Sometimes, by holding on you can make it through to the end of a project, finish a class, make it until the end of the day… Just by holding on.
Hold on… and you’ve accomplished a positive goal.
But there are times in life when you feel you can’t hold on… but trust me… you have to.
Sometimes you feel like you can’t even get out of bed.
Sometimes you feel like you can’t even get the simplest chores done.
Sometimes it feels like the pain you are walking through will never end.
Hold on.
It will get better…
It will.
Just hold on.
Get up and get yourself going.
Take one step at a time, one day at a time, one minute or one second at a time if necessary and hold on.
If you can keep going… It will get better.
Hold on.
When you feel that you are coming apart and you can’t take one more minute of one more day…
Hold on.
You can do it… just a little longer… You can hold on.
“Dear God, help me to hold on during this time of great stress. Help me to hold on and get through my day-to-day activities. Help me to hold on  and stay in the moment, to accomplish one thing at a time by putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward. Help me to hold on.”

11 thoughts on “July 24th: Holding On

  1. Again, you’ve hit a note with me, EXACTLY, of how I’m feeling today and trying to cope with job stress and also feeling so diminished because my soon to be ex is out vacationing with his new love interest. I don’t miss him directly, but my self-esteem is very low regardless , I feel so self-conscious , and although all of this has happened so recently, I really wonder when this pain, fatigue and the rambling dialogues in my mind will stop! One step at a time I’ll need to keep in mind. I’m not very patient ! Feel like I should be moving through this but it’s a step forward and one back from hour to hour. Thank you for a great posting today.

    • Patricia, I had been married to my husband close to 20 years and so it took me a bit of time to get through the first phase as well… I remember my husband took his new love on a trip that we had been planning with our family and when she sent postcards to the kids (of course not knowing all of the back history and hurt feelings it would cause) I just about lost it! What helped me was to continually come back to focusing on myself and the well-being of my children. I kept myself busy exercising, cleaning, going back to school while I worked through my feelings on my own and with trusted mentors. You can do it. I’m here! 🙂 D

    • Patricia, I’m right there with you. It’s hard but I know I have already been strong and can continue to be. So can you.

  2. One day at a time; sometimes one second at a time and before you know it, you’ve gotten through the day; the week; the month; the year.

  3. All these comments are so great !
    So I’m two years into all this… And when I wrote that first post I was only two weeks from moving out from my ex and selling the house. Hell . Pain. Anxiety.
    It is taking time but having been married to him 28 years I had to learn some patience to move through it.
    And take risks.
    I had been so isolated for several years and needed to be out of the marriage and of out the job/ company I had been with for 25 years. And my boss I loved had died several months before.
    Felt like I dropped a bomb on my life with all these necessary decisions.
    I am grateful to some very close friends who pushed me to open up, allow support and also have some fun.
    Much of the hell subsided when I allowed it , gave in to moving on , and started to teach myself to shut off the head chatter.
    And D, you’re right on – with time and self-care new life and new dimensions to what life holds can be seen again 🙂

  4. God grace has helped me to hold on when I thought I was going to die, and the gift of this divorce is finding my strength and relying on my higher power, staying in the moment moving on one day at a time. Hold on hold on hold on, it will get better, we are blessed.

  5. Thank you , D.
    There are days, as my life moves on, where I feel like I’m boring myself. So many options on a direction to take outside of the focus on work schedule.
    And many of my personal possessions are in storage waiting to be freed 🙂
    Funny how learning to just “be yourself” is another challenge and hopefully a step forward !

  6. This post is so true for me – in applied to how I survived grief. I called it hanging on. There are parallels, but hanging on feels more desperate. Holding on and the opposite part of letting go are the keys I believe to moving through challenges. Certainly, knowing others have gone through it is part of holding on – it really does help to find that support and hold onto that. You’ve been a great one for me through my divorce!

    • Thank you, Judy. Your posts have helped me through my nephew’s passing and your comments here… help me stay on the right path! 🙂 D.

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