October 5th: Isolation

It’s easy to feel isolated when in the midst of a break-up.

It often seems that everyone is “coupled-up.”

That each pair seems happy and content.

That you will never find someone of your own to love; who will be a part of a new healthy relationship with you.

When everyone around you seems satisfied and at ease with life, it can leave you feeling isolated and alone.

When I felt isolated in my divorce, it was difficult for me to reach out and make social connections.

I felt like every bit of joy and kindness I witnessed when watching another couple “in-love” seemed like a slap in the face.

Where was my special person?

Where was I to find someone who wanted me?

I knew that isolating during a trying situation would do nothing more than drive my own sadness and despair so… I made a conscience effort to do the things I loved; solitary things… where I could still have some sort of minimal social connection to help me make it through to the other side… like:

Walking in the park…

Playing with my dog…

Going to the bookstore…

Exercising at the gym…

And during those times, I found that their were other people, strangers usually, also on their own, who would wave hello as I walked, stop to pet my dog as we played, ask me about a specific book at the store, or share a joke or a story as we worked our circuit through the gym.

And it was enough.

Enough to keep my bitterness and gloom at bay.

Enough to keep me smiling… even if for just one minute of that one day.

Solitude is good for the soul but isolation… leaves us lonely.

“Dear God, help me to step out of my own way and search to find compassion and connection in other human beings.”

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