October 6th: Boundaries

To this day I still have a very hard time keeping boundaries.

My tendency has always been to give too much of myself to everyone and leaving me in the end: worn-out and frustrated.

Part of me has always thought that the more I gave; the more people would know that I truly loved them but…

often times, my friends and family were left feeling that they could never do enough to compare with what I had given them or… in debt to me and resentful.

There is nothing wrong with being a generous person unless your generosity is being used to “please” others.

Over the years, I have learned to watch my actions and pull back if necessary and work on my boundaries.

If I feel myself become anxious, stressed, or helpless after giving too much…

or by accepting actions from another person that seem totally unacceptable to me…

I know that it is time to stop, assess the situation, and re-establish secure boundaries.

Having boundaries does not mean that I have to be “rigid” with all of my actions and rules.

Having boundaries lets others know what I will tolerate, how I am willing to be treated, and helps me to build self-respect and set an example for those who love me.

“Dear God, help me to be generous to others, while staying true to myself.”

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