October 9th: Love

After my divorce, I wasn’t sure if anyone would fall in love with me again.

I couldn’t imagine finding someone new.

I began negative self talk imagining the worst: that I would never find my perfect match.

I was so sure that a new person would not see the “true” me.

I was told by a friend to go out and live my best life, the life I had always wanted in my marriage… to go out and do all of the things I loved to do on my own.

And so… I did.

I walked the Nature Trail in the park.

I walked my dog around the neighborhood.

I worked on my writing, read books, traveled, visited with friends until one day…

Someone asked me out on a date.

I wasn’t looking for my “perfect match.”

I hadn’t been searching for a “new love.”

I had been going about my business, being true to myself, and then… someone on the same spiritual path, someone with the same likes as me, appeared.

Love is not elusive.

Love is right in front of us.

Love will come… when you follow your heart… and move forward with integrity and honesty.

“Dear God, help me to be true to myself, to walk bravely forward on my spiritual path and open my heart to the opportunity of love.”

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