October 8th: Expectations

I had many expectations during my marriage and I had many expectations during my separation and divorce.

During my marriage, I expected all of my positive actions to produce the outcome I desired: a loving and healthy marriage.

This, however, did not happen.

During my separation, I expected that all of my positive actions, particularly… marriage counseling… would lead to reconciliation.

This also… did not happen: we inevitably divorced.

I was so attached to my expectations that when things didn’t happen on my time schedule, or go in the way I imagined them to go… I would become fearful and frustrated: so afraid that my desired outcome would not manifest.

But what if my desired outcome was not in my best interest?

What if there was a bigger picture that I was unable to see while I was so bound up in fear?

Now I know that if I detach from my expectations, and move forward, with all of my heart, pure in intent, pursuing my desires, through positive actions, but letting go of the outcome, I release my fear of “results.”

I can hope for the outcome I desire… but I have to accept that it may not be the outcome my Higher Power wants for me.

A better outcome may be on my horizon if I let go and detach from expectations.

“Dear God, help me to let go of my expectations and attachment to outcomes. Help me to move forward and know that you are with me as I search for my true path.”

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