October 19th: Joy

Today is my daughter’s birthday and I was thinking back to the day she was first born.

Some people say after a divorce, that they made a huge mistake…

that they should have never married their mate…

And during a difficult time in a person’s life, I can understand why they may feel that way… But… imagine all that would be lost.

I think of my daughter, how much I love her, how she is grown into a beautiful young woman, and I am so proud of her and her life accomplishments…

And I am grateful that my husband and I had this child together and spent so many years enjoying our time with her.

I have learned that every person I connect with in life and every event in my life… yes… good and bad…. leads me to the joys that I have today.

Without my love and commitment to my husband… I would have never had the gift of my daughter’s love.

Without my daughter’s love, I would not have the joy that fills my heart today.

“Dear God, help me to remember that there is joy in the smallest of things, that there is wonder in every life event.”

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