November 24th: Acceptance

I have had to accept many things in my life:

The deaths of those I have loved.

My divorce.

Illnesses that were hard to overcome.

And though all of these painful moments first consumed me with despair, I learned to move forward by accepting each of them.

At first, I struggled but as my emotions calmed I found acceptance through grace and joy.

I accepted the loss of my loved ones by accepting that death was a part of life.

Yes, many were taken away from me too soon but… the joy that they brought to me and many others while on this Earth was something I could not overlook and left wonderful memories that could never be taken away.

I accepted my divorce in the same way by focusing on the gifts of the union: my two beautiful children.

And the illnesses I had to overcome? Well, the word “overcome” says it all. I am still here today surrounded by many loving family and friends who walked with me during my painful trial.

To say things like “I wish I’d never known him… or I wish I’d never been married… or I wish I’d never suffered” is like saying… “I refuse to love, to open my heart, because then I might have to feel pain.”

Life is full of pain and suffering. Acceptance is key to living. I would never give up the time I had with my loved ones to save myself the pain of their loss. I would never give up my marriage and lose the gift of my children. I would never give up my illnesses because they taught me to live in the day and to be thankful for my good health.

I accept that pain and loss may come my way but if I walk bravely forward in acceptance and faith, I will be greeted with many more gifts when I reach the other side of my heartache.


“Dear God, help me to accept life on your terms. Help me to see the beauty and joy in all things.”

2 thoughts on “November 24th: Acceptance

  1. This one is perfect for me today. With the loss of my parents and my divorce – dealing with it was familiar, since I’ve gone down the road of grief before. Then I had health issues that were frustrating and discouraging.
    But I love what you wrote. That is what I’ve been trying to do – feel acceptance and peacefulness with the beautiful blessings I also have. Thank you, dee dee!

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